The Kiss

A kiss can be as simple as touching or pressing one’s lips to another person or an object, with or without sound,  and may involve  touching the tongue. It is done for several reasons;  to express a thought, affection, respect, love, passion, etc.

It is as diverse as any culture and thus can be interpreted differently. One such kiss which has caused so much furor recently involves President Duterte and an OFW in South Korea.

Did I find it offensive or demeaning? At first, yes. I was disappointed that the highest ranked person in the country has behaved this way publicly. My disappointment was due to my preconceived notions of how a president should behave. My opinions have been based on what I thought was acceptable and normal. However, what was acceptable and normal before may not be in our present time. This lead me to question whether morality is absolute. Watching the video and the response of the involved OFW, their reactions was far from demeaning and disgust. The act was not sexual at all.

In response to this, Mocha Uson posted a photo of Ninoy Aquino being kissed by female passenger comparing to the photo of President Duterte.

  • Did I find it offensive and wrong? No, I did not find it wrong. The post was clearly to elicit a response on why such one kiss can be morally wrong and the other not.
  • Was the use of Ninoy’s photo inappropriate? No, it was a public photo and any person has the right to use it to support an argument.
  • Is Kris Aquino’s response valid? Yes, as a daughter. She has all the reasons to defend her dead parents. Many books have been written about famous dead people which contained controversial issues. I can understand that she wants to keep all the good memories of her dead parents but they were far from perfect. To say that Ninoy and Cory had given so much for the Filipino people is becoming too patronising.
  • Does Mocha Uson need to apologise to Kris? On a personal level, yes. Kris has said it on her video that she was responding as the daughter of the dead man on the picture. Her response was personal and should be dealt with as such.

My dream is to see the Philippines’ rise from being 3r world country. The majority of the people has seen that chance through this man. No one is perfect because each person’s notion of what is perfect is different.


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