Happy Father’s Day

Father, Papa, Pa, Daddy, Dad, Ama, Tatay, Itay, Tay – some of the names we use to address the person who sired or nurtured us. They can be strict and make us shriver just by calling us. They can be soft spoken and loving. They can be distant and cold. They can be just a few steps away from us or thousands of miles. Whatever our circumstances and relationships with our fathers, they are great part of who we are.

Lucky are those who can still hug their papas, show off their achievements, and say their I Love Yous and actually get a response.

I feel very lucky to have a sweet daughter who calls me a grumpy daddy and equally gorgeous wife who continue to support me in becoming the best father I can be.

To our departed ones, I say thank you for being there for us.

To the fathers who are not with their loved ones, may you feel comfort that you are loved and your sacrifices are highly appreciated.

To those who are caring for children not their own, may you continue to be great influencers.

For being a father is not about blood but sweat because being a father is hard work.



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