16 Years Ago

Standing just behind the metal railings that blocked the opening of the airport’s arrival area, my heart pounded stronger as the excitement of the surrounding crowd was building up. A number of passengers were starting to  emerge out of the gate. I heard shouting, crying and laughing around me. However, my eyes were only fixed on that gate with great anticipation.

Just over 10 months ago I was here at the same airport bidding goodbye to Karen. She was leaving the country for  a job in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I had mixed feelings of letting her go as our relationship was just getting serious. As nurses, it was imminent that we would leave the country for greener pasture. However, it never came to me that we would be separated so soon.

So fast forward and I was back at the same airport, only this time I was waiting. It was not difficult to spot Karen. Her tall, slim and fair skin made her stood out amongst the many Filipino OFWs who were rushing out to see their families.

“Babe, over here!” I shouted and waved at her.

She smiled briefly and gave me a face.

“You lost weight!”

“You look paler and your hair,” I retorted.

We hugged tightly and walked briskly towards the taxi ramp.

To be continued……


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